The Power of Scripts with VivisectΒΆ

You can script up menial tasks or powerful techniques using simple Python scripts from either the command-line or the GUI.

Scripts are loaded and run as any python code is run from the command line. The key diffenece is that Vivisect places a VivWorkspace object in the global namespace with the name vw. The GUI, if one exists (Vivisect can be run headless), can be accessed using vw.getVivGui().

From the CommandLine, analysis modules can be run in the following fashion: $ vivbin -M targetbin.viv If your module makes any changes to the VivWorkspace, be sure it saves: vw.saveWorkspace()

To run a script from the GUI, the command bar at the bottom of the screen is used. Simply enter: script <args> This method does not need to save to the workspace, as you can choose to do that through standard GUI methods (Ctrl-S or File->Save). This method has the added benefit of being able to provide arguments, which are placed in the namespace as argv.